Friday, May 10, 2013

Rippln Mobile Apps - Why Join?

What is Rippln Mobile Apps

Rippln is a new mobile app platform with revolutionary social engagement technology that enables users to take control of their own social graph with unique incentivized sharing business model to track and create a ripple effect throughout the world.

Much like Empower Network, Rippln is creating waves that are simply hard to ignore. Let me share with you a concept that can help aid in the connection on why most of us fail to recognize special opportunities that we usually only encounter 1-2 times in a lifetime.

This is by no means a comparison or absolute assessment of Empower Network and Rippln. I simply felt it was a pivotal point to make aware that for arguably the first time ever, two existing companies with incredible opportunities at the same time in 2 completely different focuses, could help unify and sync the entire world up to the same vision and mission to not only empower others, but enhance global connections amongst people world-wide.

Let me give you a story to analyze and put into context as to what these two cutting-edge opportunities could mean for you and the entrepreneurs around the world. Thousands of years ago, the procedure required for making steel was very hard, time consuming, and virtually unchanged. Then, in the early 1900s, the famous Andrew Carnegie stumbled across a new technology that empowered the steel making process much easier and faster. When that happened, over 1,000 new millionaires were instantly created because of a new invention in steel technology.

Remind you these were once the hard working, over worked steel laborers who just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

In a moment, I’ll explain why and how this relates to not only the Rippln Social Network – but the entire internet because there is an important history lesson to pay attention to here:

As it should make sense after you wake up to this – whenever newer technologies are invented or improved upon and introduced to the people, it ALWAYS produces and manufactures wealth for the people.

Global connectivity dramatically enhances the ability for people to exchange information and insight on whatever it is they are thinking, feeling, or becoming (case in point law of attraction) And naturally, those who are in-charge of creating the movement or ripple effect are likely to reap what they sow, enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Rippln's New Technology + Lucrative Incentivized System = Results 

And if you know anything about the Rippln difference and mindset, we are all about making processes easier and faster.  

It's no secret the technology era is upon us as things are picking up across the board when it comes to systems and knowledge on how to best utilize these two emerging platforms.

Whether it be mobile commerce or 100% commissions, no matter which way you dissect these two powerhouse entities, Rippln has put together the perfect storm of ingredients to challenge the status quo and raise the standard of what is expected in the online business world by taking over your social graph and ripple effect.

Instead of becoming more and more obsolete and failing to evolve with the times and technology, Rippln took charge in the mobile app space and will continue to flourish in the online digital marketing/direct sales opportunity space because they are pioneering a unique model that has never been put together to date.  

How Mobile Technology Helps Everyone

Rippln Mobile Apps capability can be one of the biggest circles with the strongest pull inside this entire “online marketing digital business space” because of the viral ability to freely share and experience with one another.

Rippln realized how to approach a huge void in the marketplace with a unique monetary model that applies the gamification mentality on how to capitalize on your social efforts for the desired results and outcome in the eyeball acquisition modalities.

What is Rippln

Rippln has devised an incentivized sharing technology platform built upon ripple-tracking rewards software allowing you to share products to an audience and be rewarded for it.

 Social influence has been a growing indicator in the trend on how to make money online for obvious reasons.

In theory, this innovative business model gives the value back to the people who are willing and open to sharing a user-powered community to create their own ripple effect.

The thought leaders who make up the Rippln core strategy team also provide superior personal development and mindset growth training offered with the online business opportunity. This is one of the major distinctions as to why Rippln's chances of success are so high.

Rippln's primary focus is on your friends in your phone and social graph because they understand the most bankable commodity isn't oil or diamonds, its you!

With that said, Rippln's promise and futuristic vision is still in the balance wings.

Make an educated and informed decision about Rippln – knowing that it is only in its beginning phases of building out a trusting and stable foundation.

Thanks for reading, we will updated this post about Rippln Mobile Apps Network. Make sure you check out Rippln's Manifesto Videos in the process as they do a great job at explaining in-depth how this operates and functions moving forward.

Happy Rippln to all those Ripplers out there!